Book Reviews

- "... the book is most exceptional ... (Dr.Trasi) clearly writes about a subject he knows about from experience, knowledge, and much thought. He writes well and clearly ... " "a reviewer is expected to find and tell the weaknesses in a book review, and it is hard to fault this book."

- Henry Swift for Science Within Consciousness, USA  "This book is not only for the intellectually curious; it is, in my opinion, a necessary companion for all those who are seriously pursuing the path of enlightenment. If approached correctly, this book can literally take decades off the search, given all the wrong turns that one is prone to take before waking up to the simplicity of what is. "

- Kriben Pillay (for The Noumenon Journal, Wandsbek, South Africa.  "Trasi's clarity of thought and lucidity of expression makes his work highly readable and thought-provoking." "For the average man, with his familiar comforting concepts of a benevolent God, of Rebirth, After-life, Heaven and Hell and so on, this book comes as a jolt. He may resist instant conversion. But he can't remain unaffected by the force of Trasi's logic and conviction. "This book is a must for the true seeker's shelf."  

- Savitri  Babulkar (for The Kanara Saraswat, Mumbai, India). "... a unique contribution .... the author has successfully decoded the mystic language of the saints ... providing new and deepened insight into theories of Enlightenment and Liberation .... makes a complete and in-depth psychological study of the Enlightened and Liberated person, a task perhaps never attempted before."  

- Dr.S.G.Desai, Bhavan's Journal " is the best book about Enlightenment ever written. It is extremely clear, organized and very intelligent. I found myself highlighting something on almost every page! If I were teaching a course on this subject, The Science of Enlightenment would be the required text-book. You have done a wonderful service to mankind."  

- Lou Monte, USA "the book is important because there is so much disinformation out there about what enlightenment is, and this clears the air in many ways. There are many excellent things in the book - too many for me to mention them all."  

- Warren E.Donley, Indiana, USA  "A gifted writer, he has succeeded in explaining in simple words the mystic language of saints like Jnaneshwara, Kabir, the Buddha, Guru Nanak and several others including J.Krishnamurti and Zen, Taoist and Christian mystics. It is unlikely that one would find the answers to all one's spiritual questions in a single book, but in the reviewer's opinion, this book comes singularly close to that ideal."  

- G.S.R.K.Rao, Mumbai, India. "No single book can be said to contain everything about a subject or to say the last word on it, but this book comes remarkably close to that ideal with regard to the subject of spirituality . . . In this most remarkable book, the author gives a sound, common-sense and scientifically valid explanation for all things spiritual which are otherwise often made out to be great mysteries, and clearly defines Enlightenment and Liberation in understandable terms. He describes the Liberated person in great detail, and shows how the Enlightened person can and does live in the everyday practical world, and does not have to withdraw from it.. The special beauty of the book is that the author does not simply state this or make claims, he demonstrates the medical theory on which it is based, and deriving systematically from this also shows how this coincides absolutely with the teachings of various traditions like Christian mysticism, Buddhism including Zen, Sufism, and the teachings of modern day acknowledged mystics like Ramana Maharshi, J.Krishnamurti, and Anthony de Melloa. Most important, the book is not about theory alone, but has a whole chapter on the million dollar question posed finally by every seeker and it is entitled "What should I do?" Here Dr.Trasi brilliantly reconciles the seeming contradiction between conventional teachings exhorting the seeker to more and more spiritual effort, and the teachings of other traditions which emphasize spontaneity and effortlessness."

- Dr.K.Magan "The Science of Enlightenment (SE) is distinctive among books on spirituality in focusing clearly on what Enlightenment contributes to practical, everyday living. There are many books that translate Eastern into Western concepts, tell instructive stories of Enlightenment experiences, and insist that true Enlightenment does not lead to withdrawal from daily life. However, there is none of which I am aware that as directly strives to depict how the Enlightened One actually behaves in the practical world and that begins to search for the mechanisms by which the experience of Enlightenment transforms one's everyday life. After SE creates a framework to achieve those two goals, it concludes with chapters on immortality and God that follow straightforwardly from that framework. "SE's focus on the practical provides a clear phenomenology of Enlightenment in naturalistic, common sense terms, going a long way toward achieving its goal "to demystify the entire subject of spirituality". SE follows tradition in describing Enlightenment as seeing through the illusion of a separate self. However, whereas previous literature leaves us to our intuitive resources to sense what that might mean, SE begins to dispel some of the fog by helping us see how Enlightened Ones behave in the same world in which the rest of us dwell. Thus, whereas much of Eastern literature can give the impression that Enlightened Ones do not experience any suffering at all, SE distinguishes between unavoidable and avoidable suffering. SE constantly links its own formulations to those of well-known seers, thereby clarifying their statements and putting SE's in historical perspective. Page after page, I thought how nice it would have been to have read this book at the beginning of my searching, how much confusion I would have been saved."  

- Gary Schouborg, Performance Consulting, Walnut Creek, CA. From Book Review on his Website. "Although the encompassing theme of this book is the naturalness of the condition called enlightenment and its availability to scientific description and examination, the book is not aimed primarily toward scientists or scholars. It is for everyone. The amount of scientific discussion is minimal and easy to follow, and the writing is always crystal clear. Beyond that, Dr. Trasi guides the reader very carefully through his exegesis of various scriptural passages and the writings of various mystics, clarifying meaning, clearing away misconceptions and demonstrating a unified recognition of enlightenment as a consistently identifiable phenomenon, natural to the human species."

- Dennis L. Trunk, "I believe that he has made an invaluable and much needed contribution to our understanding of enlightenment. Among other achievements, he pulls together and distills in one volume essential information that is usually gathered only through a library of reading. Those who seek spiritual understanding can be grateful that he has provided what may be the closest thing yet to a handbook for enlightenment. It should be considered necessary reading."

The Science of Enlightenment, by Nitin Trasi